The big question.. 12 enero 2013

Really, this blog should be dated the 27th of December, ´cause that´s what I´m writing about.  But oh well — I´ll just slide by with an incorrect date, and very little that´s actually written by me.  How´s that for laziness?

I had a really, really nice Christmas and New Years vacation with the folks and my girlfriend.  But by the time I came back here to Perú, I didn´t have a girlfriend anymore.  I had a fiancée!  (Novia´s the word in Peru.)

I popped the question to her a day after Christmas, after months of careful planning with a ring maker and her roommates.  It turned out beautifully, and we walked around in a daze for the week we had left together, trying to get used to the idea that we´d actually be marrying each other.  We´d always talked about it, sure, but it´s a huge step closer.  (The date´s set for Fall 2014 — we want time together in the same country after I get back from Peru!  So far we´ve had about 5 1/2 months together, and something like 15 on separate continents.  That number´s only gonna get bigger.)  It was even harder, I think, coming back to Peru after a milestone like that.  But at the same time, there´s an added comfort and excitement we didn´t have before — we have something huge to look forward to.

I´ll let Ariel tell you in her own words and pictures, put up about a day after the proposal.  I think she was pretty excited.

And me?  I´m incredibly happy myself.

engagement 1So we didn’t take any pictures of US, so we’ve filled in the blanks! Here’s what happened:

engagement 2We were driving back to Abilene from our marathon of family Christmases. It was pretty late, and Joseph (strangely) would not let me fall asleep!

engagement 3

When we finally arrived at my house, I was very very cold, and rushed inside. Joseph kept trying to stop me…he needed to get something out of the car first. TOO BAD! I ran inside anyway. (Joseph felt it was very important to include my red pea-coat in the story. So here it is.)

engagement 4

I stepped inside and saw these photos. “Oh dear… Run back outside and pretend you saw nothing!!” I immediately thought.

engagement 5

Joseph finally caught up, after retrieving his mysterious ‘something’ and we went inside, following the trail of pictures.

engagement 6

Joseph claims that I “blew through” all the photos, but I was on a mission! If I had stopped, I would never have retained what little emotional stability I had at midnight.

engagement 7

Honestly, I didn’t even notice the beautiful yellow lilies in the kitchen!

engagement 8

He made me wait outside my bedroom door for a moment, and when I walked in, there were ridiculously elaborate paper snowflakes hanging from my ceiling!

engagement 9

Before Joseph and I ever thought of dating, we were at a Christmas party together, and he made me an amazing snowflake. These were even better!

engagement 10

On one of our first dates, I told Joseph that I was very high maintenance. If he were to ever propose, he would have to whisk me off to a distant land, plan an elaborate scavenger hunt, and hide the ring in a nest of sleeping baby hedgehogs! Guess what I found all over my bedroom floor!

engagement 11So I started freaking out and crying, and Joseph made a little speech about love, and then he got down on one knee and pulled out THE box. At this point, all I could do was cry and nod. I finally realized I should probably say, ‘Yes’…

engagement 12


And it was the most beautiful ring in the world! (I love sapphires–they’re my birthstone.) He had it custom-made by sending the San Antonio jeweler drawings from Peru! Overachiever.

engagement 13When we were both quite sure he had asked and I had said yes, we collapsed into an overwhelmed heap on the couch and stayed there until we felt less… crazy.

engagement 14

Finally our adrenaline reached a manageable level, and we could drift around happily in our engagement bubble, calling friends and family at completely inappropriate hours of the night/morning.

engagement 15YAY LOVE!
(Joseph wants you all to know that that is not the actual size of my ring. It is an artistic rendering. So now you know.)

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2 Responses to The big question.. 12 enero 2013

  1. L says:

    Congrats to both of you. Wishing you much love, joy, and peace together with God at the center of your relationship and marriage. May your love grow stronger, even separated by the miles.

  2. (If there were a like button here, I´d hit it. Thanks Lu.)

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